My most recent film, Mourning Dove, was granted first-place selection by the                                                       Hollywood Foreign Press Association for funding. The poignant film discusses the tragedies of the current Syria crisis, which I researched while studying in Germany in 2016. The story's purpose is to energize against Western apathy toward the tragedies occurring in the Middle East, a subject that strongly affects me, as I am an Assyrian of refugee parentage. Mourning Dove is the first step in my lifelong goal of humanizing the often demonized Middle East. 

The production team was composed primarily of minority women in an effort to promote gender and ethnic equality in the film industry. It was shot over the course of four days in the Southern California area. 

Released in May of 2017, Mourning Dove is an official select of the Women of the Lens Film Festival, Glendale International Film Festival, Long Beach Independent Film Festival (nominee for best student film), Hollywood Verge Film Festival (nominated for best student drama), International Women's Film Festival (nominated for best student film), World of Women Film Fair Middle East (nominated for best short film), CSU Media Arts Festival (2nd place winner for best narrative film), and the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (winner for best student drama).